Fire Suppression Systems

Haynes Fire Protection designs, installs and services fire suppression systems throughout Dallas, Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. Our fire suppression systems team can design, install, and service the system that will best protect your people and property. We can engineer and maintain a fire suppression system customized to your specific needs.

Commercial Kitchens
Restaurants and commercial kitchens face a greater risk of having a potential fire, so it is essential to be prepared when it comes to fire safety. Kitchen fire suppression systems have a remarkable record of putting out and controlling cooking fires. A properly installed and maintained kitchen fire suppression system is arguably a restaurant’s most important investment.

Haynes Fire Protection’s qualified and licensed technicians can design and install a brand new Kitchen Suppression System, inspect and service it as well.
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At Haynes Fire Protection, we believe in the principle of giving you “added value” for your life safety dollar. As a full-service fire equipment company, we provide you the added benefit and peace of mind that all of your fire and life safety protection needs are addressed by simply making one phone call to Haynes Fire Protection. We can coordinate the inspections of the fire sprinkler system and restaurant or commercial kitchen fire suppression system at the same time, which can translate into a significant savings as opposed to having each system inspected separately.